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About Brian Rigby, MS, CISSN

Brian Rigby is a writer and sports nutritionist. He has a master of science in applied clinical nutrition and a specialized certification is sports nutrition.

Webcast Update #1

Tom and I are making progress towards getting the webcast/podcast all set up and ready. We’ve decided upon a name, a general format for each show, a topic for the first show (protein, because it continues to be one of the most asked-about topics), and set up the necessary accounts. We’ve also decided upon a […]

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Growth Hormone Use in Meat and Milk; Photo by Vicki Johnson

Growth Hormones in Meat: Myths & Reality

Growth hormones are a divisive topic. A major selling point of organic and “natural” brands are hormone-free meats, which raises concern for some about why any animals are treated with hormones. Combine this branding magic with an often poor understanding of labeling laws and biochemistry and you have the recipe for mass misinformation. In truth, the […]

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