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About Brian Rigby, MS, CISSN

Brian Rigby is a writer and sports nutritionist. He has a master of science in applied clinical nutrition and a specialized certification is sports nutrition.

When Does Timing Matter, and for What Macronutrients?

The Times Timing Matters

When does timing matter? Ten years ago, nutrient timing was huge; entire nutrition philosophies arose from the idea that there were “windows” when certain nutrients were more or less important. Today, accumulating evidence suggests this isn’t true—but timing as a concept isn’t quite dead. There are times and situations when timing matters. More specifically, there […]

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Protein Is Dangerous… But Only If You Have Certain Diseases

Last week, a female bodybuilder from Australia (Meegan Hefford) died from what nearly every news outlet has called “too much protein” (or something along those lines). There’s a ton of stories out there, here’s just one. Buried within these stories is the true nature of Hefford’s untimely death: a urea cycle disorder, a metabolic disease […]

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Is protein effective?

Is Protein Supplementation Effective? AKA, “How Much Protein Do You Need?”

I recently came across a column in the American College of Sports Medicine’s news bulletin titled “Active Voice: Protein Supplementation to Enhance Adaptations to Resistance Exercise Training – Not Supported by Scientific Evidence!” In the column, the authors argue that “if a well-balanced diet is consumed, the adaptations of resistance exercise training will not be […]

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