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Supplements for Bouldering

This is a continually updated page. If you’re curious about a supplement I haven’t yet covered, feel free to bring it to my attention via the contact form on the About page.

Not sure which supplements measurably improve bouldering performance and which ones only work by lightening your pockets? This is where you begin—all the supplements I’ve written guides for are separated out by recommendation here for bouldering specifically.

  • Highly Recommended means the supplement is well-supported by evidence and has a relatively large effect.
  • Recommended means the supplements is well-supported by evidence but only a minor effect.
  • Optional means the supplement is less well-supported by evidence (and doesn’t have strong evidence against) but could be worthwhile.
  • NOT Recommended means the supplement has strong evidence against its efficacy or provides an undesirable effect.

Highly Recommended



NOT Recommended

None reviewed yet!