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The pros and cons of fructose


Fructose may be the single most well-known—and most despised—food sugar. Since it entered our public spotlight, numerous wellness gurus and associated types have cast aspersions on its safety and linked it to any number of disease states. So much has fructose been derided that even among those who don’t vilify sugar, it is often mistrusted. Given a choice […]

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Why you need more oxygen to burn fat than carbohydrates.

Why You Need More Oxygen to Burn Fat than Carbohydrates (and How This Affects Your Climbing)

I’ve written before about how carbohydrates are more oxygen-efficient than fat, which is a boon for climbing of all types; what I haven’t really addressed is why. Far from being a dry, biochemical fact of interest only to physiology enthusiasts, knowing exactly how carbohydrates derive their advantage can inform everyone about their diets, as well as […]

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