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When Does Timing Matter, and for What Macronutrients?

The Times Timing Matters

When does timing matter? Ten years ago, nutrient timing was huge; entire nutrition philosophies arose from the idea that there were “windows” when certain nutrients were more or less important. Today, accumulating evidence suggests this isn’t true—but timing as a concept isn’t quite dead. There are times and situations when timing matters. More specifically, there […]

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Protein Is Dangerous… But Only If You Have Certain Diseases

Last week, a female bodybuilder from Australia (Meegan Hefford) died from what nearly every news outlet has called “too much protein” (or something along those lines). There’s a ton of stories out there, here’s just one. Buried within these stories is the true nature of Hefford’s untimely death: a urea cycle disorder, a metabolic disease […]

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Is protein effective?

Is Protein Supplementation Effective? AKA, “How Much Protein Do You Need?”

I recently came across a column in the American College of Sports Medicine’s news bulletin titled “Active Voice: Protein Supplementation to Enhance Adaptations to Resistance Exercise Training – Not Supported by Scientific Evidence!” In the column, the authors argue that “if a well-balanced diet is consumed, the adaptations of resistance exercise training will not be […]

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Growth Hormone Use in Meat and Milk; Photo by Vicki Johnson

Growth Hormones in Meat: Myths & Reality

Growth hormones are a divisive topic. A major selling point of organic and “natural” brands are hormone-free meats, which raises concern for some about why any animals are treated with hormones. Combine this branding magic with an often poor understanding of labeling laws and biochemistry and you have the recipe for mass misinformation. In truth, the […]

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Is 40 Grams of Protein Better than 20 Grams?

You Still Don’t Need More Than 20 Grams of Protein per Meal

How much protein do you really need per meal? I’ve been consistent with my answer—approximately 20 grams of high-quality protein—since I first wrote my protein series over a year ago. Nevertheless, it’s a question that I’m likely to keep exploring, if for no other reason than because there are so many other nutritionists out there […]

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