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Growth Hormone Use in Meat and Milk; Photo by Vicki Johnson

Growth Hormones in Meat: Myths & Reality

Growth hormones are a divisive topic. A major selling point of organic and “natural” brands are hormone-free meats, which raises concern for some about why any animals are treated with hormones. Combine this branding magic with an often poor understanding of labeling laws and biochemistry and you have the recipe for mass misinformation. In truth, the […]

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Are microwaves nutritionally dangerous?

Microwaves Don’t Destroy Nutrients

Microwaves are victims in the cooking world. Their rank on the hierarchy of kitchen appliances sits somewhere below waffle iron, and perhaps just above ice cream maker. Most people wouldn’t consider their kitchen complete without one, but it’s never a star. Nobody loves their microwave. This is a shame because microwaves are perhaps the greatest improvement […]

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Which dietary changes do and don't work for tendon health?

4 Things That Won’t Help Your Tendons and 4 Things That Might

After I finished writing my glucosamine and chondroitin supplement guide and follow-up executive overview, I realized that what I had written could be disheartening. I don’t want to be solely the bearer of bad news, and I’ve also experienced firsthand how presenting only the negatives can fail to inspire change. Since one of the foremost goals […]

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