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Chondro Update #4

Hey Everyone, I had my 3-month MRI yesterday and a follow-up visit with the neurosurgeon afterwards. My head has healed well, but unfortunately now that everything is clear the surgeon can see there’s a little tumor left behind in an area that wasn’t accessible during my last surgery. This was always a possibility, but it’s […]

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Post-Surgery Update #3

Hey Everyone! I had my first follow-up appointment with my surgeon yesterday, and I have another one today mostly to talk about what I can and can’t do—specifically vis-a-vis handstands, which was a question my neurosurgeon did not expect me to ask! So far, however, all the “normal” restrictions have been removed; I can sneeze again, blow […]

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Protein Is Dangerous… But Only If You Have Certain Diseases

Last week, a female bodybuilder from Australia (Meegan Hefford) died from what nearly every news outlet has called “too much protein” (or something along those lines). There’s a ton of stories out there, here’s just one. Buried within these stories is the true nature of Hefford’s untimely death: a urea cycle disorder, a metabolic disease […]

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