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Other Articles

Most of my writing is here at, but I also write freelance articles for other companies and publications from time to time. This is a collection of the articles I’ve written that have been published on other sites:

Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly Nutrition makes one of the tastiest chocolate whey protein powders I’ve ever had, and numerous other supplements to boot. I write monthly for Gnarly on topics in the sports nutrition and exercise physiology sphere.

  1. Why Sports Nutrition Is for Everyone, Not Just Pros
  2. Losing Weight Isn’t Going to Improve Your Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  3. Overcoming the Desire to Stay “Lean” When It’s Preventing You From Actually Gaining Lean Muscle
  4. Can You Gain Muscle Without Gaining Weight?

Climbing Magazine

Climbing Magazine has published one original article written by me, which is also available online.

  1. Learn This: The Over-Gripping Myth