Post-Surgery Update #3

by Brian Rigby, MS, CISSN

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Hey Everyone!

I had my first follow-up appointment with my surgeon yesterday, and I have another one today mostly to talk about what I can and can’t do—specifically vis-a-vis handstands, which was a question my neurosurgeon did not expect me to ask! So far, however, all the “normal” restrictions have been removed; I can sneeze again, blow my nose, climb, play disc golf, toss my nephew into the air, etc.

Beyond this, I don’t know a lot more yet. I have another MRI scheduled for December 11th that the surgeons will use to assess how much of the tumor remains after healing. Right now, on my immediate post-surgery MRI, there’s a little section near the jugular bulb that one of my surgeons is worried might be more tumor and which would require another surgery to take out, but he says it might also just be the jugular bulb and inflammation from surgery (50/50 odds of either). We won’t discuss radiation until after it’s determined whether further surgery will be required—hopefully it won’t be!—so I don’t know what the schedule on that would be. The surgeon did say it would likely be MRT, not proton beam, because it’ll be as effective for my type of tumor and there are centers in many more places.

So, I have at least a few months of normal activity (if done with an extra layer of fatigue) before things possibly change again—or possibly not. Let’s hope for the latter!

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