Webcast Update #3

by Brian Rigby, MS, CISSN



One final update: Tom and I have successfully recorded the inaugural episode of the Climbing Science Cast (ClimbSciCast), and will release it for viewing/listening sometime next week! We have to upload and annotate the episode, and put up notes and references to go with it, but other than that we’re all set.

The episode did run longer than we had imagined; we were aiming for around 45 minutes to an hour, but when all was said and done it was about an hour and half. The problem lay not with pacing (I think), but rather with the breadth of content we covered. We’ll probably try to cover less territory in future episodes so we can keep them to an easier-to-digest length, but please let us know your opinions on length, too.

When the episode is up, I’ll post it here at Climbing Nutrition¬†(as well as on its own domain, and I assume useful.coach, as well, depending on Tom). Look for it sometime early next week!

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